PhD, English. Brown University, May 2017.

            M.A., English. Brown University, 2013.

            B.A. (Hons), English. University of British Columbia, 2011.


Lecturer in the School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. University of British Columbia, July 2019-present.


            Humanities Editor. Los Angeles Review of Books, June 2018-Feb 2021.

            Sessional Lecturer in Arts Studies in Research and Writing. University of British Columbia, May-June 2019.

            Sessional Lecturer in the Coordinated Arts Program. University of British Columbia,  Sept 2018-April 2019


            Visiting Assistant Professor of English. Muhlenberg College, Sept 2017-May 2018.



            Dissertation Completion Proposal Award, Brown University. September 2016-May 2017.


            Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (Canada). Sept 2013-Sept 2016.


           Between Law & Justice: Legal Authority, Liberal Democracy, & Postwar Fiction.

            Peer-Reviewed Articles

            “Mary McCarthy’s “Irrelevant” Fiction: Arendt, Vietnam, and the Late Novel of Ideas.” Post45 Peer-Reviewed. April 27, 2021. 

            “A Not-Exactly-Good Man: Lionel Trilling on Law and Judgment.” Twentieth-Century Literature. June 2018.


            “Love Actuarially: Privacy, Intimacy, and Information in Billy Wilder’s Apartment.” Post45 Peer-Reviewed. February 2016. 



            Book Reviews

            “Postmodernism by Design.” Review of No Accident, Comrade: Chance and Design in Cold War American Narratives, by Steven
             Belletto. Novel: A Forum on Fiction 48.3 (Fall 2015).



           "Kazuo Ishiguro at the End of the End of History." The Nation. March 2021.

            "None of Your Business: the Rise of Surveillance Capitalism." The Nation,  April 2019.

            "Always Watching." The Nation, December 

           "Change the world, not yourself, or how Arendt called out Thoreau." Essay. Aeon Magazine, August 2018.


            "Not Here to Make Friends." Essay. The Chronicle Review, March 2018.


            "Teaching Philip Roth's The Plot Against America after Charlottesville." Blog post. Pedagogy and American Literary Studies,
             November 2017.


            “Heartlessness as an Intellectual Style.” The Chronicle Review, May 2017.


             “Is the Law our Ally? Lessons from WWII.” Essay. Public Books, November 2016.


            “Feminist Auteurs.” Public Books, July 2016.


            “Beyond Cool?” The Point Magazine, May 2016.


             "Off the Tenure Track," Career Panel. New York University. April 21, 2021.

             “Public Writing for Graduate Students.” Guest lecture to graduate students in ‘Academic Writing & Publishing.’ University of 

              South Carolina, February 19, 2020.


             Conferences and Panels Organized

              Co-organizer, “Law and Democracy.” Brown University Legal Studies Graduate Conference. Providence, April 2017.


              Co-organizer, “Private Media” panel. Modern Language Association Conference. New York City, January 2018.


              Co-organizer, “Arendt’s Literary Worlds” panel. American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Boston, March   



          Conference Papers Presented

            "Decolonial and Anti-racist Pedagogy and Curriculum in WRDS 150,” a roundtable presented with Drs. Kirby Manià and Kim
           Richards. WRDS Faculty Conference. December 2020.


          “Growth Mindset: From Theory to Practice.” Roundtable for UBC First-Year Educators’ Symposium. University of British Columbia,                February 20, 2020.

             Research Ethics roundtable presentation. ASRW Faculty Conference. University of British Columbia, December 2019.

            “Speech without Expression: Anonymous Politics in The Bell Jar.” Modern Language Association Conference. New York City, January


            “From Civil Rights to Human Rights: John A. Williams’ Transnational Turn.” Modern Language Association Conference. Panel

            Organized by the Law & Humanities Forum. Philadelphia, January 2017.


            “The Nuremberg Trial and Postwar Liberalism.” Modern Language Association Conference. Austin, January 2016.


             “An Impossible Question: The Middle of the Journey and the Legacies of Nuremberg.” Princeton Graduate Symposium. Princeton,                   March 2015.


             “To Ridicule or Refute: Legal Form in Catch 22.” Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities Conference.

              Washington DC, March 2015.


             “Intimate Information: Inside Billy Wilder’s Apartment.” American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Toronto, April



             “Hollowed-out Forms: Reading Late Style in Mass Culture.” American Comparative Literature Association Conference. Vancouver,

              April 2011.

            The University of British Columbia
            WRDS 150: Is Privacy Dead? May-June 2019.
            ASTU 100: Strange Futures (Media Studies Stream). September 2018-April 2019.

          Muhlenberg College

            Contemporary Fiction (Writing Intensive). Spring 2018.
 Genres of Popular Fiction. Spring 2018.

            Confession and Surveillance in Literature & Film. Spring 2018.
            First Year Seminar: Reading the Supreme Court (Writing Intensive). Fall 2017.

            Contemporary Fiction (Writing Intensive). Fall 2017.

            Literature as Politics: Democracy in America (Writing Intensive).  Fall 2017.

            Brown University

            Criminal Elements: American Literature and the Detective Novel. (Writing Intensive) Spring 2014.

            "Summer at Brown" Pre-college Program

            Composing the Academic Essay. Summers 2016 & 2017.

            Putting Yourself into Words. Summers 2014 & 2015.